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Let’s Talk about Breasts !

Reading Time: 3 minutes.

Did you know that in Tantra, breasts are one organ?

Energetically, breasts are treated as one organ not two. This is because the breasts represent the HEART area and there is only one heart. Also because Tantric Sex is a heart centred approach to intimacy.

  • Breasts are often highly erogenous to a woman. It is therefore important to stimulate the breasts during love-making to help you be on the pathway to a deeper sexual experience
  • Stimulating the breasts also helps a woman to reach orgasm
  • Not all women’s breasts are erogenous, however, stimulating the breasts and nipples can help to make them erogenous. Patience is key – and stimulating the breasts often is the pathway to ‘awakening‘ them as an erogenous zone
  • Often one breast is sensitive, and the other might not have any feeling at all. The key is to stimulate the breast that has no feeling as well, because this breast will eventually ‘awaken’ and will develop sensitivity – this takes time – sometimes months or years
  • In fact, since the breasts are one organ, then BOTH breasts need to be stimulated at the same time during sex, whether they have feeling or not
  • So if one partner can only stimulate one breast, then the woman can stimulate her other breast to ensure that both breasts are being touched during love-making
  • What’s really important too is the type of touch. Try light feathery touch at first, then move on to firmer, more rhythmic touch. Mix it up ! An element of surprise is always erotic
  • There’s lots of different ways to stimulate the breasts, from licking to sucking, from light stroking to firmer massaging – and always be gentle
  • Did you know that the nipples on a woman are as sensitive as the head of a man’s penis? A woman’s breasts are a vital pathway for her to reach orgasm. In fact, breasts are so important for a woman to support her to reach an orgasmic state that the breasts should be stimulated early during love-making, and often (or even constantly during sex, if possible)
  • Nipples in fact are connected directly a woman’s clitoris, and therefore stimulating the nipples can directly stimulate the clitoris without even touching it – so lots of nipple action needs to feature liberally on your lovemaking menu 🙂
  • Some women can even orgasm from nipple stimulation alone – and can enjoy a ‘nipple-gasm’ – lots of nipple stimulation can help you get you there
  • Nipples can also be very erogenous for a man, so tweaking, licking, flicking, sucking and playing with a man’s nipples can indeed stimulate his penis
  • An if a man’s nipples are not erogenous, then the same approach applies, stimulate them regularly and his nipples will ‘awaken’ at some point, if his nipples are stimulated often enough
  • Stimulating the nipples also releases the wonderful biochemical Oxytocin, which helps to bond you to your lover and to help you feel a deeper connection with them
  • The step-by-step process of Sparkle Tantra can help you to discover more about how to enjoy your breasts and nipples in a deeper way for a more intense sexual experience

The breasts represent ‘the heart organ’ in Tantra, so if the breasts are erogenous for either a man or a woman, in Tantra, we say that their heart is ‘awakened’ energetically. So it is worthwhile deepening the sensitivity of your nipples and breasts as this will further open your heart emotionally, as well as deepen the sexual experience for both partners

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