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Tantra for Couples & Singles

Sex As Medicine

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Discover the Benefits of TANTRA for your health & your relationship! Here are Some of the Benefits of Tantric Sex…

  • A philosophy and techniques for deeper intimacy and closer relationships based on Ancient credentials that you can enjoy life-long benefits from
  • A way of becoming more close with your partner, emotionally and psychically, and a deeper understanding of your partner and yourself
  • A deeper connection with your partner giving you more passion & more intimacy
  • More energy & vitality for your own daily life
  • More confidence in sex
  • More confidence in body image
  • Better quality sex
  • The health benefits are immeasurable – being able to reach orgasm more often and more easily – the increase in touch and increase of orgasms alone will reap enormous health benefit with the cocktail of feel-good / do-good chemicals that every orgasm releases into your brain (as does touching) – which are all important for mental well-being, physical health, relaxation, happiness and to help you feel more deeply sexually satisfied
  • Stress relief
  • Tantra also helps with letting go of body image issues – seeing the innate beauty of your partner – including all their physical imperfections – Tantric sex can help you get to a place of deeper love for the person right in front of you – just the way they are – and not wanting to change them

Tantra helps you create a lifestyle of healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Tantric sex can help you if…

  • You are interested in exploring a way of thinking and philosophy about relationships that is based on tried and true Ancient Wisdoms
  • You are interested in techniques and an approach which will offer you greater emotional and physical closeness
  • You would like to deepen your connection with your partner
  • You would like to explore something new and fun with your partner
  • You are interested in harnessing more energy to utilise in your daily life
  • You are not satisfied with the current level of intimacy in your relationship
  • You and your partner have mismatched libidos (meaning – one partner wants sex more than the other)
  • You feel sexually frustrated (meaning – you experience periods of excess sexual energy that feels like it has nowhere to go) and you would like to learn some skills to help you channel your sexual energy and use it as a vital force in other areas of your life
  • You feel sexually shy and would like some support to open up from where you are now in your sexuality and some help in letting go
  • You don’t feel wildly fulfilled sexually and you would like to feel more sexually satisfied
  • You feel you have a wonderful sex life but you would like to take your intimacy to another level
  • Your sex life has gone stale and you would like to introduce a new level of spice and passion into your lives
  • You have difficulty reaching orgasm (either a man or a woman) – in fact did you know that about 75% of women have never reached a vaginal orgasm through intercourse alone? And up to 10% of men have difficulty with orgasm… If this is you, you are not alone, and Tantra can help you get there…***
  • You have difficulty holding back – meaning – you reach orgasm too quickly (man or woman)
  • You are interested in being “multi orgasmic”- which means – more than one orgasm in one love making session (YES this is absolutely within your reach and available to everybody – both men and women!)
  • You are having any type of intimacy issues

Tantra is a solution for both couples and singles! Are you ready to Dive in and kick off your Tantra Journey?

  • Try our online Webinar “Tantra for Beginners” which shows you, step by step, the specific skills that you can put into practice, in your own time and space in the privacy of your own home.
  • All our Tantra Courses are taught by an experienced Tantra instructor who understand deeply the challenges you may be facing at any level of intimacy.
  • These Tantra Courses will give you the mental framework and a specific skill set to help you discover an exciting new level of intimacy
  • And just like learning anything new – effort is required in acquiring those skills – so we encourage you to take the time and space to contemplate what you are learning and to put your new skill-set into practice because Tantra is a process and a layer-by-layer approach
  • If you would prefer 1-on-1 personal coaching, Francesca is also available for private sessions by Zoom or in person. All sessions are private and conducted in a supportive and gentle environment.

And here is some Sparkle from some of our Tantra Lovers…

We are so happy to report that after leaving SummerHills, that our connection is even stronger after our course, so the business of life hasn’t gotten in the way of our time together (even if it’s only been by phone during the times that we have to be apart!) Thank you so much once again Francesca for your patience, love, and instruction. We will never forget how much additional love you have brought in to our relationship! And we also found your venue to be the most beautiful setting for our life-changing weekend“ Allison & Shannon (Canberra, Australia)

Came here on a four night, five day Tantra retreat. The grounds were gorgeous, the host was amazing, and the course instruction was top notch. Our private cabin was fully equipped, and the host even stocked the fridge for us. Heaps of wildlife and interesting foliage on the well-kept grounds made for interesting walks and beautiful sunsets. We were well looked after and absolutely enjoyed our stay!” Erlie E (San Antonio USA) via Yelp

We’ve been married 15 years and our sex life was in trouble. A friend recommended we do this course to help us along and help us along it did! We have found a new way of connecting and we are loving the results. Suffice to say we are no longer in trouble. Thank you to Francesca for such a fantastic experience.” K & B (Brunswick Heads, Australia)

And we look forward to connecting with you at Sparkle Tantra soon xx

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