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What is Connection ?

Reading Time: 3 minutes.

I stumbled across this video a few days ago and I have been watching it on repeat .

It is mesmerising and worth watching right to the end before reading on…….

  • Notice how the guy runs his fingers through his lover’s hair at the start.
  • How they touch eachother gingerly.
  • How they breathe into eachother and take the time to connect.
  • Look how they smile at eachother, and take the time to look deeply into eachother’s souls.
  • Notice how she trusts him unreservedly.
  • Notice how he holds her space, so that she is able to trust him completely.

This video is not just about dance. It’s about energy. It’s about connection and it’s very tantric…

This couple have probably been dancing together for years and I assume that they may have been lovers for longer.

As a dancer myself, this kind of connection in dance is absolute gold.

And I know that when my lover holds my space in this way emotionally, it sets my soul on fire.

This kind of feeling is delicious and deeply nourishing.

If your soul is aching for your lover to look at you like this, with soft eyes, to hold your space in this sacred way, and to penetrate your being, then your soul is telling you something – it’s telling you what you need.

Which brings me to the question – what is connection ?

Connection (especially Tantric connection) is….

  • creating a space for intimacy in your relationship that allows you to be close
  • holding your partner’s space energetically
  • feeling that the energy between you is sacred and precious
  • being present with yourself and your partner
  • seeing your partner for who they really are
  • witnessing your partner in their highs and lows
  • wanting to be with your partner in an authentic way and in a way that feels real
  • being vulnerable with your partner in a way where there is no shame, guilt or judgement
  • being genuinely interested in your partner’s wellbeing
  • being sincerely invested in the relationship
  • having the intention to show up for your partner emotionally
  • feeling nourished by spending quality time with your partner
  • tuning in to your partner and learning them, discovering their quirks and nuances to be better aware of their needs and wants

 Tantra is all about deepening the connection with your partner and the “Tantra for Beginners webinar” shows you an easy and clear pathway, step-by-step, how to get there

Tantra is the music that will open both your hearts and most people are aching for that soundtrack to be queued in sooner than later.

So are you Ready to Discover how Tantra can help you find the Connection that your Soul is Aching for?

At Sparkle Tantra, we offer Tantra two ways…

  1. At Home… try our “Tantra for Beginners Webinar” . This step-by-step online course allows you to discover skills and a pathway for more intimacy in the privacy of your own home
  2. 1-on-1… if you would prefer your own private sessions, work with Francesca one-on-one and she will guide you with customised sessions to suit your own personal needs. These one-on-one sessions are available over Zoom, over the phone or in person. Reach out to Francesca for a chat about how she can help you at

And we look forward to connecting with you at Sparkle Tantra soon xx

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